Bacteria Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Antimicrobial Door Hardware

The Challenge:  More than ever before employers, employees and customers are thinking about their health and wellbeing in the workplace and will expect the highest standards of health and cleanliness in their business environments.


The Solution:  Use the best innovative technologies, such as our antimicrobial door and security hardware that fights bacteria 24/7 to make your work environment safe and secure.

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Wave Hello to “Contactless” Door Technology

The Challenge:  As companies transition back to the in-office environment, employees and customers should feel safe, healthy, and protected.


The Solution:  Alen Security’s Health-Based Safety & Security solutions offer best-in-class innovative technologies for the new, “clean” office, including “contactless” automatic door openers that can be activated with just a wave of the hand or arm.

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sleeping operator

Remote Video Monitoring Never Sleeps on the Job

The Challenge: On-site Guards Were Failing to Secure a Commercial Rental Property

The Solution: Remote Video Monitoring protects 24/7/365

A commercial rental property owner became increasingly frustrated to learn their security guards were sleeping on the job. This was unacceptable and could lead to the possibility of a security breech. Consequently, something had to be done.

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