Alen Security Provides High Quality Security Systems in Moorestown, NJ

security systemsServing some of the top companies from the Tri-State area, Alen Security helps businesses protect their people, property and assets by putting service first and using an experienced approach and state of the art products to keep them secure. We specialize in Commercial & Industrial Security Systems of all types — IP Video Camera, Access Control, Security and Fire Alarm Systems.


IP Video Surveillance Security Systems

• Alen Security is proud to offer the latest in video surveillance systems, equipment, and adaptive video technology designed to improve facility management, and allow one person to view multiple areas at the same time.

• Alen Security has proven time and again their expertise when it comes to specifying, designing, installing, and maintaining the most sophisticated IP Video Surveillance security systems in New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

• Video surveillance gives you a second set of eyes 24/7/365. Imagine being able to monitor all of your cameras and locations simultaneously from your PC, Smartphone or Tablet, wherever you are.

• Our Video Analytic camera systems can be programmed to send alerts when specific behaviors or scene changes occur.

• 24 Hour Central Station Remote Video Monitoring packages available


Access Control Systems

• Alen Security’s access control systems include all the necessary components for integrating everything from a simple single-reader access system to large enterprise systems with multi-tenant, high-rise, or campus applications.

• Our Access Control Systems are also designed to permit the seamless integration of security and video systems with future technologies, providing an upwardly compatible solution that will always fit your needs and budget.

• Access control systems can allow you to: limit areas by date, time, and cardholder, control elevators by floor, track employee time and attendance, and with web-based technology, the system doesn’t require software updates or a server!


Security Systems

• Alen Security offers commercial and industrial Security Systems that combine hardwire and wireless detection into one expandable, flexible and seamlessly integrated system.

• Whether you need just a simple security system or a major security solution that integrates access control and workflow applications, we can provide you with a completely customized and personalized solution to fit your needs and budget.

• Integrate with Access Control and Video Systems giving you the ability to turn your security system on or off with the swipe of your access card or to record that intruder once they activate your alarm.


Locksmith Services

• Alen Security has been providing professional locksmith services to most of New Jersey since 1970. It is how we started and we continue to offer these services today.

• Doors, windows, file cabinets, safes, and everything in between. Our locksmiths repair, replace, install and adjust locks on buildings, offices and storefronts to help ensure proper security. We offer high security locks, re-keying, master locks, lock repair and the installation of panic bars, and more.

• Investing in locksmith services is a great way to provide extra security for your business.

Our systems are scalable and offer the latest technology to help you keep track of employees, customers, authorized and unauthorized personnel, and specific areas throughout your location providing you with both internal and external protection, opening and closing reports and tracking 24 hour monitoring is also available.

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